From 2005-2007 I was Director of User Experience for the Digital Home team at Yahoo!  My first mission was to create the gold standard for Yahoo’s 10′ interactive television experience to be shown at CES ’06.  The day after taking this job, one of the three members of the team was let go. Shortly thereafter, and without much notice, two other members decided to move to another division. So, I was alone. Fortunately, I was able enlist the help of some very talented folks (Philip McKay, Michael Hoch, Kumiko Toft) to pitch in and develop what I still believe were ground breaking prototypes for Searching TV and for a Yahoo! TV Ticker (later to become Yahoo! Widgets for TV). Here’s a video showing the interaction.

Yahoo! TV Search UI

The Yahoo! TV Ticker

In addition to zooming into info about a TV show, this same demo illustrated the use of a very clever “widget” that would appear on a key press on the TV remote; it would timeout and disappear if the user did not perform further action. Here’s the video:

The team finally stabilized in the spring of ’06 with addition of Manlio LoConte as a UX prototyper and Michelle Oviedo and interaction and visual designer. This team went on to develop Yahoo! Sports for TV Widget. Ultimately, the Digital Home group launched Yahoo! Widgets for TV with Arlo Rose being lead designer.