I was hired by the now legendary Red Burns  as a professor in the the nascent Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) back in 1982.  I was tenured in 1986 having helped Red move the program toward a blending of computation and the arts. in recent years, ITP has become famous and so has Red (and rightly so) . By the way, the picture on the side shows me in my office at 725 Broadway, 4th floor circa 1983.  My first experience in this office was watching an older gentleman struggle to open a window on the 4th floor across the street. He managed to open it, lost his balance and fell to his death. Great intro to New York.

Being part of ITP  was a very important life event so I’m going to go into some detail in this chapter.  I left ITP in 1989 to take a year’s leave of absence at Apple Computer where I was a founding father of Quicktime.   Although it impossible to know at the time, my leaving a “cushy” tenured faculty job at ITP for Apple would be a turning point, I believe, in the history of  this program.  (More on the Apple story later).